Diabetes is the among the main causes of death in Mexico, and it falls just behind the U.S. in obesity, and some researchers say this is a result on how global trade has modified food habits in Mexico and argue that nutrition should be addressed in the new USMCA agreement.
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An anonymous letter recently sent to news outlets and the Tempe City Council alleged that police officers went to a topless club while attending a training conference.
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The Pulse: ‘Zero Waste’ Town In Japan Recycles Most Of Its Trash
It’s not yet 8 a.m., and the recycling center in the town of Kamikatsu is already bustling. Locals arrive in a steady stream, unloading bags full of bottles, cans, and paper into dozens of clearly-labeled bins — all neatly lined up in rows.
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The Takeaway: Counting On Election Integrity In Florida
Echoes of 2000 campaign between George Bush vs. Al Gore haunt the 2016 midterm elections in Florida. David Smiley, a political reporter at The Miami Herald, recaps the status of manual recounts in Florida and the potential that candidates will launch more legal challenges.
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Health Officials Target Teens With Anti-Vaping Campaign
More and more teenagers are vaping, and now Arizona health officials are preparing to launch a campaign they hope will scare teens from starting.
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Food Biotechnology Added On New Trilateral Deal
Twenty-five years ago, biotechnology was not an issue considered in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). But that has changed, as the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA) has an entire chapter dedicated to it.
Judge Denies Motions For Relief From More Oversight In Prison Health Care Case
Judge Roslyn Silver denied the state's motion to stay orders from retired Judge David Duncan in the Parsons vs. Ryan settlement on Thursday. Judge Silver called the orders "appropriate because of the continued harm the class experiences" and set a status hearing for Dec. 6.

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For those who have survived the deadly fires in Northern and Southern California, the escape was just the beginning. Now, they face the daunting task of rebuilding the lives they made.
Goldman had a successful literary career before he turned to Hollywood, where he made an indelible mark — as the writer of beloved movies as well as a best-selling guide to screenwriting.
In the first legal battle between Trump and the news media, a federal judge sided with CNN and ordered the White House to immediately restore Jim Acosta's press pass.
Money is going a lot of different ways in the car industry. Experts say companies are investing in new technology simply because they don't want to be left behind.
Among the significant changes is that schools could make it harder to prove allegations. Instead of only a "preponderance of the evidence," schools could demand "clear and convincing evidence."