How an animal moves through its environment determines whether it finds food or a mate, so it pays to use all available memories and sensory data. But what does a creature do when it has nothing to go on? A new study reveals how two species of termites use smart searches to tackle this tricky task.
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A human-caused wildfire burning for more than two weeks in a national forest east of metro Phoenix now has grown to 150 square miles. Fire officials say the Woodbury Fire grew by nearly 22 square miles from Saturday into Sunday.
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AZ House Minority Leader: 2019 Session Was
Last week, Senate President Karen Fann shared her perspective on this year’s legislative session. Today, The Show talks to House Minority Leader Charlene Fernandez.
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Arizona Boy Scouts Losing Numbers Prior To Split With Church
Northern Arizona is experiencing a decline in Boy Scouts of America troops prior to an anticipated split between the organization and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, officials said.
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ADOT Plans Use Radar Technology To Detect Monsoons
During a five-year span from 2010 to 2015, police responded to 85 dust-related crashes along the I-10 corridor between Phoenix and Tucson.
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Q&AZ: Why Do Tools Rust In Dry Arizona?
Rust is a phenomenon typically associated with damp settings. One listener wanted to know why tools left in a shed in Arizona rust despite the state’s dry conditions.
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G.I. Bill Turns 75
Saturday marked the 75th anniversary of the G.I. Bill. The legislation, which helped pave the way for veterans’ benefits, has a complicated history.
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Thousands Of ISIS Fighters Must Be Tried Or Let Go, U.N. Rights Chief Says
Also, the family members of suspected fighters "should be repatriated, unless they are to be prosecuted for crimes" according to international standards, Michelle Bachelet said.
Trump Announces New Economic Sanctions Against Iran's Leaders
Trump said that "hard-hitting" sanctions will cut off the country's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his office from certain financial assets.
Elite Runners' Gut Microbe Makes Mice More Athletic — Could It Help The Rest Of Us?
Researchers identified a strain of bacteria that flourishes in the guts of athletes after exercise. When transferred to mice, it gave a big boost in endurance. Could runners' probiotics be on the way?
How The Chow Mein Sandwich Claimed A Small Slice Of New England History
This quirky concoction, which traces its decades-old roots to Fall River, Mass., took off when Chinese restaurants adapted their menus to appeal to European textile workers. And people still love it.
Supreme Court Orders Documents Unsealed In Death Penalty Case
The blacked-out material involves the drugs used in an Alabama execution. The release of the material was ordered after a motion filed by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and NPR.