When someone dies, the physical items they leave behind can hold a kind of magic for their loved ones – glasses, an old car, worn shoes. But what about something as intangible as a phone number? The story of how one cellphone number bonded three women, each grieving for the husband she lost.
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Conference Addresses Threat Of Medical Device Hacking
We all have passwords for our email or online banking accounts, and we take precautions to avoid having our computers or other devices hacked. But, what about insulin pumps and pacemakers?
29 minutes ago
Climate Change Threatening Yellowstone National Park
The effects of climate change can be seen in many different ways and places. A recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change found, if left unchecked, climate change could have serious consequences on many things, such as America’s national parks.
32 minutes ago
Flake Says Goodbye To U.S. Senate In Farewell Speech
This week, outgoing members of Congress are passing the torch to new faces. Martha McSally leaves her post there early next year. McSally was unsuccessful in her bid to replace outgoing Sen. Jeff Flake, who gave his own goodbye to the Senate on Thursday morning.
25 minutes ago
Mexico Will Pump $30B Into Central America To Slow Migration
The Central American Full Development Plan launched by the Mexican government would benefit Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador over the next five years. Mexico is actively pursuing the United States’ participation in the initiative to slow migration.
14 minutes ago
Mesa Creates Plans For Affordable Housing
Mesa may have roots as a small Mormon settlement. But today, it’s the third largest city in the state with nearly half a million people living in it. Needless to day, it has grown a lot. But housing costs there have also gone up at the same time that families have gotten poorer.
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This week on the Hidden Brain radio show, we dig into the culture and psychology that determines the foods that make us salivate and the scents that make us squirm.
Four years after another test flight ended tragically, the company is celebrating a milestone: Its manned spacecraft reached an altitude of more than 51 miles.
The suspect had been the target of a massive manhunt since Tuesday.
The president says he never directed his onetime personal attorney Michael Cohen to do anything wrong. Cohen pleaded guilty Wednesday to making illegal payments before the 2016 election.
Some boxes of U by Kotex Sleek Tampons, regular absorbency, have a "quality-related defect" that left pieces of the tampon inside the bodies of some consumers — in some cases causing infection.