In Tucson, the U.S. government is again prosecuting a humanitarian aid worker it says was harboring undocumented immigrants and trying to hide them from Border Patrol agents. The government’s new case against Scott Warren lies in whether two undocumented Central American men whom he provided food and shelter to actually needed help.


In Mexico, A History Of Welcoming Leftist Dissidents
Former Bolivian President Evo Morales, who fled to Mexico after being forced out by his country's military and civilian protesters this week, joins a history of leftist political leaders who have sought refuge across the border from the U.S.
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Sky Harbor Named Top Large Airport In U.S., According To Wall Street Journal
Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport has been named the top large airport in the nation, based on an annual study conducted by the Wall Street Journal.
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Judge Orders Parties To Renegotiate Prison Health Care Settlement
A federal judge is giving the parties in the Parsons versus Ryan prison health care lawsuit 60 days to renegotiate a settlement over conditions in state prisons.
Arizona Memory Project Digitizes African American Newspaper From 1930s
The Arizona Memory Project is in the business of preserving the state’s history. In 2017, it received a grant to digitize 100,000 pages of historic Arizona newspapers, including a handful of newspaper titles from African American communities around the state.
Housing Company Matches People With Disabilities To Others With Disabilities
In June, KJZZ told you about a community geared toward people with disabilities called Luna Azul in north Phoenix. Some residents there live mostly alone, while others found roommates. Still, finding the right roommate can be difficult. But there is a service to help families match up.

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The requirements for the Nov. 20 debate, hosted by MSNBC and The Washington Post, were stricter than they have been — and December's bar is even higher.
Why Climate Change Poses A Particular Threat To Child Health
A sweeping study in The Lancet finds that longstanding progress in treating diseases and reducing childhood deaths is in jeopardy.
A Legacy Of Torture Is Preventing Trials At Guantánamo
The CIA's use of torture after the Sept. 11 attacks has led to years of legal battles at the U.S. military court in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, where 40 accused terrorists are still being held.
7 Moments That Stood Out From The 1st Day Of The Trump Impeachment Hearings
Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor and top State Department official George Kent testified in an open hearing Wednesday, the first of many to come in the impeachment inquiry.
Juvenile Justice Groups Say Felony Murder Charges Harm Children, Young Adults
In most states, a person who commits a property crime can face a felony murder charge if it results in someone being killed, even unintentionally. Juvenile justice advocates say the law is unfair.